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It seems like no matter where you get your news these days, North Korea is almost always a headline feature. Between power changes and threatened nuclear attacks, North Korea holds the attention of the whole world. However, there isn’t a lot of information about daily life inside the solitary state.

Here is the list of the most interesting things that have happened inside one of the world’s most (in)famous nations:

  • Unicorn discovery. The Korean Central News Agency reported the discovery of an unicorn lair in 2012. The lair is home to the unicorn that the Korean founder King Tongmyong used to ride.
  • State of war. North and South Korea are still technically in a state of war. There have been over 150 incidents between these countries since 1953.
  • Abduction. In 1978 South Korean director Shin Shang-ok and his actress wife were kidnapped. They were forced to produce movies for North Korea, including socialist rip-offs of Godzilla.
  • Invasion tunnels. North Korean forces are known to have dug tunnels running deep into South Korean territory. American and South Korean troops have found 4 so far, but there are believed to be around 20 more still there. Each tunnel is big enough to accommodate rapid movement of up to 30,000 soldiers an hour. As frightening as this may seem, the story of the tunnel’s discovery makes the North Korea seem less sinister and even more ridiculous. After the tunnel was found, the North tried to say that they hadn’t meant to tunnel that far, despite drill marks for dynamite pointing straight towards the South. They then tried to claim it was a branch of an extended coal mine, even though there is no coal at all in the area. Undeterred, they tried to pass it off as a mine by painting the walls black.
  • Government radio. In every household there is a government controlled radio. Reportedly this radio can only be turned down, but can’t be switched off.
  • Help from China. In 2006 China send aid to North Korea through its trainline. The North Koreans kept the aid and the trains, making the Chinese workers walk back to China.
  • Kim John Il’s biography. Propaganda states that at previous dictator Kim John Il’s birth a star lit up the sky, the seasons changed and double rainbows appeared. His official biography declares that he doesn’t need to use the toilet. He learned to walk at 3 weeks old and corrected junior high teachers during history lessons. He has written over 1500 books and is an expert on cinema. He also has the ability to control the weather by his moods. He invented a hamburger as well.
  • Daily life in North Korea. How does all this affect the everyday lives of random citizens around North Korea? The nation’s isolationist attitude means its citizens are almost totally destitute by American standards and unaware of anything happening in the world. An average worker earns around from 2 to 3 dollars per month. If you have a side job selling goods, you might earn an extra 10 dollars a month. Public services, like health care and education, are available, but you are required to pay fees for things like electricity, heating, and even building materials. Being sent to prison is always a possibility, with people getting multiple year sentences for rolling cigarettes with newspaper that has the image of country leader on it. However, if this sounds like complete hell, there is an upside - marijuana is completely legal.

    Meanwhile in North Korea (

    Meanwhile in North Korea (


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